Shaka's Hawaii

Akuna H1 Frames

$ 47.00 USD

This bold cat-eye frame Comes in 3 colors. Make your own shaka's and pick the right Lenses and arms To Complete Your Look!

  • Design Your own- No screws. Easily pop in and out with any Akuna lens or Shaka's Arms.

  • Bold TR90 Frame and Handpainted injected colors. This frame can be customized with any Akuna lens and all Shaka's Arms. 

  • Prescription- Use this frame with any prescription or nonprescription lens.  

  • strong and durable-The most comfortable Frame that will ever sit on your nose -Made from a military grade -TR-90.
  • Lifetime warranty-You Won't need to worry about breaking them- we cover all of our Fronts for a lifetime! 

  • Free Shipping- On all orders.
  • Size- 49 [] 22